Education Verification - An Effective Criterion to Judge The Ability of a PersonPrivate Investigation 

Education Verification – An Effective Criterion to Judge The Ability of a Person

An increasing number of companies are being set up today that provides fake resume services to all the candidates to help them find a lucrative job with a reputed business organization. By doing this, a candidate might get recruited in a company but taking the help of such agencies proves to be a problem at that time when investigating agencies come into the picture. Companies have realized that the job market is full of such employees who have taken the help of fake degrees and certificates to make an entry in the companies. In order to prevent any further hiring, it now employs criminal investigating agencies to be sure that they are hiring the right person who academically qualifies for the job. On the other hand, another reason for doing education verification might also be the wrong dates mentioned by candidates in their resumes which might not be intentional. Female candidates face problem with their names in the interview often. This is due to the difference in the use of their maiden and married names in their certificates. Hence, employers might confuse and spend a long time searching for the original name.

The process of doing education verification is not complex, all though it is time consuming. The background verification agency visits the schools, colleges or a university attended by the concerned person and investigates the records related to him or her. This is also done by checking the attendance registers. The attendance register is also checked in order to be sure that whether the person attended all the classes or not. It takes a long time to verify all the educational documents, hence it is necessary for the candidate to remain patient throughout the time of the investigation. In case of candidates, who have graduated from foreign universities the time period will be longer. If the investigations reveal that the candidate has produced misleading information in the resume then he or she can be sacked by the employer. This might hamper the career of a person as he can no longer apply for any kind of jobs. In some countries this is also a punishable act and might land you up behind the bars. In some other companies, education verification might not be the sole criterion to evaluate a candidate. They might also include doing criminal background verification and a credit rating check. Criminal background checks include checking the moral character of a person to determine that he or she is free of any criminal conduct. It might also include checking the criminal records by visiting the local police station or by making an inquiry about the person by asking the relatives. Both the education and criminal verification are an important part of pre employment verification. Credit Rating is done in order to find out that the employee is not a bankrupt and does not have any kind of liability or outstanding debt to his name. This is done by checking the bank and the credit card statements of the individual.

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