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What Will Happen After A Big Rig Accident?

People do not like driving besides big rigs or behind them. This is completely normal since such large trucks are very intimidating. When you are hit by one or you hit one, your injuries will be serious. You will not just end up with a very small bruise.

After being involved in international big rig wrecks, you will need to deal with so much more than just your injuries. You will also need to file a claim, which can be quite complicated, a true hassle. The process is much more complicated than the regular car accident.

Truck Accident Stats

You can easily be scared when big trucks are near you on the road. If you are inside the smaller car and you collide with the truck, you have such a higher risk of death or injury. Over 70% of truck accident fatalities are unfortunately people that were inside the other vehicles.

Basically, even if truck accidents are quite uncommon, such collisions often lead to serious injuries and even death.

Filing Lawsuits After Truck Accidents

Because truck accidents can easily involve several cars and can lead to severe injuries, your insurance will have to cover several damages. It is rare that your insurance provider will be able and willing to cover everything. This is why in most cases you have to file a truck accident lawsuit.

The process of filing this lawsuit is very similar to that you would normally do when involved in a regular car accident. However, there are some really large differences that will be quite a deal for the outcome of your case.

The biggest possible difference between a car accident and a truck accident is who is responsible. With car accidents, the fault is usually that of a driver. You can file a lawsuit and settlement is very fast. With truck accidents, the process is more complicated.

A huge problem is that the truck driver is usually an employee of a truck company. This means, under federal and state law, that both the employer and the trucking company might be liable. At the same time, it is possible that there are several other parties involved. For instance, the truck manufacturer might be responsible when a defective part was the reason for the crash.

The only potential good news is that it is easier to file a lawsuit against the trucking company than against the trucker. This is because of the fact that insurance companies will do all that they can to settle. As a result, they will pay more than in the regular car accident lawsuits.

Final Thoughts

Any big rig accident is serious and needs to be treated as such. It is very important that you hire an accident attorney with experience in trucking cases. This will give you the legal help that you need to make sure you will receive the best possible financial compensation.

When you try to do things alone, without the help of the truck accident attorney, there is a very good possibility that insurance companies will take advantage of you and pay you less than you deserve.



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