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What to Do When Injured on the Job

Your employer is responsible for making sure that the work environment is safe for everyone. However, even if an employer takes all of the safety precautions, injuries can still happen. There are several things that you will need to do if you are injured on the job.

Get Medical Help

The first thing that you will need to do if you are injured on the job is to seek medical help. Even if you do not think that you are seriously injured, you should still get checked out. Some injuries do not show up right away. When you go to the doctor, you will need to tell them exactly what happened.

You will also need to write down everything that your physician says and get a copy of the doctor’s report.

Report the Injury

You will need to report the injury as soon as possible. You may get your workers compensation claim denied if you do not report the injury within 30 days. Your employer may also try to say that your injury was caused by something that was not work-related.

Take Note of What Happened

You should take notes about the incident. Include a detailed description of what happened. You should also write down the names and contact information of people who witnessed the incident. Employers will sometimes try to deny that the accident happened. That is why it is helpful to take notes about the incident.

Take Note of All of Your Expenses

You may be able to get workers compensation to cover all of your expenses related to the injury. In order to ensure that you are fairly compensated, you will need to write down all of your expenses. Medical bills, lost time at work and travel expenses are examples of some of the things that you may get compensated for.

Contact an Attorney

It can be difficult to understand all of the details of a workers compensation claim. Insurance adjusters are also trained to under-compensate people. This is how they are able to generate profit. Additionally, there are several steps that you will have to take in order to file a workers compensation claim.


That is why you will need the help of a Chicago workers compensation lawyer. They will be able to help you file your claim. They will also ensure that you are getting the treatment that you need in order to recover. Furthermore, they will ensure that you are fairly compensated.

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