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The Guide To Keeping Yourself Safe After A Car Accident

There is never a warning sign for car accidents, as these unfortunate events tend to happen at the least expected moments. It is always a snap second occurrence in which things quickly turn from normal to disastrous before you can have the time to take it all in. This is primarily why, as a driver, passenger, or road user, there is the necessity of always being alert and knowing how to handle such situations. While there is never telling the extent that the effects of an accident will have on you, knowing what to do in such situations will always be beneficial.

It is normal to be scared after an accident regardless of how minor it was, and it is important to calm yourself before taking any actions. Making rash decisions can easily see you have a life of regret in the future and regardless of what you were to attend to, the following steps are always to be followed;

  1. Take time to check yourself and analyze the situation

Many people naturally assume they were on the right and become aggressive to the other driver immediately after an accident. This must never be your focus, and whether you are on the driver or passenger seat, the first step should be on whether you have sustained any injuries. As a rule, you are to get everyone out of the car first before carefully analyzing yourself as there is always a high likelihood of injuries that result in bleeding or body fractures. If there is anyone who is severely injured, treat the condition as an emergency, and call the ambulance. Any primary evidence that can be collected such as taking pictures, noting down important details about the accident and the other driver must be accomplished.

  1. Inform the police

Once you are safely away from the car and have an idea of what has just transpired, the next step is to call the police. This is in accordance with the law and regardless of whether there have been severe injuries on the spot or not, this is a step you cannot ignore. The police will arrive on the local, perform the inspection, and write a report that will be vital in later stages. It is critical to ensure that the statement provided to the police clearly explains what transpired without getting into blame games with the other driver.

  1. Seek medical attention

Do not assume that because it was a minor fender-bender, you will be fine and that only the car requires some mechanical work. Once the police are done with you, rush to a specialized medical doctor for a proper check-up to avoid the possibilities of internal injuries that manifest much later.

  1. Seek legal advice

The final professional you need is a car accident attorney in Portland, OR who will provide you with the right legal guidance and see you through the claims process. Car accident compensations are never as straight forward as they seem, but with a top-rated attorney working on your case, it becomes less complicated. An attorney will save you from making costly mistakes and work on giving you the best representation right from the start.

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