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How to Deal With Auto Incidents on Vacation

When it comes to your vacation time, the last thing you need is to have an incident that follows you home. For a little extra help with vacation mishaps from speeding tickets to a totaled car, here are three tips for dealing with auto incidents that happen far from home.

Local Legal Advice

While it’s always handy to have a go-to hometown lawyer to consult with about life’s mishaps, it can often be advantageous for you to seek legal representation from the area you’re dealing with. For example, a Palmetto accident attorney is much more likely to be familiar with local laws and requirements in the vacation area and can be your representation to help you deal with any court or legal issues from home, especially that have to do with traffic citations. Just be sure that whatever attorney you contact is a reputable source for legal advice.


Whatever happens on the way to Disney World should not stay in Florida. Instead, make sure that you take plenty of pictures from all angles to help your insurance reps back home go through the fine details of what happened. If it’s a speeding ticket on I-40 that’s got you in a bind, make sure that you retain all of the documentation you’re given or sent by representatives of that county, and open your mail. You don’t want to overlook important deadlines that can make the end result easier on you.

Service Perks

One thing you may not know is that many credit card providers actually have some kind of consumer protection or extended insurance on rental cars. Travel insurance and even normal auto insurance policies also tend to have ways to help you out of a bind and into another rental car to finish your trip, especially if the accident isn’t your fault. If you are in an accident on vacation while renting a vehicle, it’s always good to know the fine print of your insurance policy to know what perks are available to help you out of a crisis. Who knows? You might even find yourself reimbursed for lost vacation time.

Coming back from any trip is exhausting, but if you’ve run into car troubles on the way, you’re going to want to be precise. Trustworthy legal counsel, good documentation, and fine-print policies on existing service agreements can all be great resources for your transition back from a hectic vacation.


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