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Birth Injury Claims in Phoenix

Birth injury claims are very serious, and they must be managed by an attorney who deals in these sorts of cases every day. The family that is dealing with a major birth injury might find that they can sue for negligence in their case, or they might need to file a claim against a company that made special device that caused the birth injury. You can learn more about these lawyers as you read, and you will find that there is s way to make your family whole again.

Find A Lawyer

You need a birth injury Phoenix lawyer who will help you manage your case and all the evidence that you have. The birth injury attorney is the person who will judge if the case has any merit, and they will bring that case to the court because they know how to litigate it. You can do anything until you have talked to your attorney.


The severity of the injury must be measured so that you understand what you are asking for in a claim. Some children were harmed more than others, and it is very hard for you to protect your child if they have been so severely hurt that they cannot function normally. You can ask for funds for pain and suffering, and you will be compensated for the pain and suffering your family has undergone.

The Timing

You cannot wait too long to file a claim because there is an element of timing to the case. You need to file your suit in enough time that you can show that these people are still practicing or perhaps causing harm to someone else. There are many people who might come forward if you do, and you could lose out to the statute of limitations if you have waited too long. Be careful to show your lawyer all the evidence so that they know if they can even file a case on your behalf in the first place.

The Court Case

You could settle your cases in many instances, or you might choose to go to court. You must ask your attorney if they think this is a wise decision, and they will determine if you have made the right choice. They can also help you prepare for court because there are times when you need to be told what to do and what to say. There are many levels of hearings that you could end up in, and you must let your attorney show you how to handle everything.

Your birth injury case must be handled by a professional attorney who knows how to help you get through the process in one piece. They will explain what to do, how to file a claim, and how to collect all the right evidence. They make sure that you are looked after during this process, and they will protect your rights if you are in court or settling your case with the other party.


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