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5 Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Claims

The common myths or misconceptions around filing personal injury cases are why many people don’t get the justice they deserve. However, just like most other situations, these misconceptions aren’t true. Let’s clear up those misconceptions and state the facts.

  1. Personal Injury claims are too expensive

In addition to being discouraged by the alleged expensive fees for personal injury claims, some people feel that they’ll be at a more considerable loss when they don’t win the case.

This claim isn’t valid as some law firms offer a No Win, No Fee service, even for personal injury claims. This offer allows you only to pay the legal fees when your case is successful. There is usually a compensation fee at the beginning of the claim process between you and the solicitor.

  1. The person being filed against must pay the compensation out of pocket

While it is entirely normal to feel sad that you may be making someone else poke a hole in their pockets, it isn’t always true that the guilty person will solely pay medical expenses or property damage. Often, the person at fault or the person at fault will have an insurance company responsible for paying your settlement, compensation, or award.

  1. The misconception that you don’t need a lawyer

The truth is that you can go ahead with your injury lawsuit without the help of a lawyer. But the guarantee that you will succeed is very low. If you are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, the aim is to get compensation for damage done, but an inexperienced person may not succeed alone. A lawyer knows the ropes and can give you the proper guidance to build a foolproof case.

  1. Personal injury claims might cause you to lose your job

It’s sometimes a scary venture to file a case against your employer. However, your claims would most likely be taken care of by your employer’s insurance company. Employees are entitled to be taken care of by the employee when they suffer accidents on the job – even if it’s a small business.

Therefore, if an employer treats the staff differently or lets them go as a result of an injury file claim, the claim will highlight a safety issue that will save others from being treated that way. In addition, you can speak to your lawyer about being fired for filing a case and the next steps to take.

  1. Personal injury lawsuits take too long

There is no specified time that personal injury lawsuits take. Each case is different from the other, and there is no template. There are complicated cases that take more extended periods to resolve, and there are cases that can be wrapped up neatly with a bow within a week. There is no telling how these things can go but be rest assured that the personal injury lawyer you chose will do their best to ensure that the case closes as soon as possible, with victory on your side.

These common misconceptions have kept people from filing claims against people even with malicious intent. It’s safer always to confirm if misconceptions are true by talking to professional legal practitioners from reputable firms like Mike Morse law firm.


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