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Workers Compensation Cases: 4 Situations When You Need a Lawyer

Workers compensation law can be complicated if you’re not familiar with it. While it was designed to protect workers against injuries where the employer was responsible, many factors could get in the way of you getting compensation. And, there are jurisdictions where seeking a claim is even more difficult. This is why you should consider working with a lawyer in situations when you think you won’t be able to be properly compensated. Here are some of the cases when you should consider working with an attorney on your workers compensation case.

Your Claim Was Denied

One of the worst things that can ever happen with a workers’ compensation case is when your claim is denied. This can be very distressing, especially when you know you’re in the right. In this case, a lawyer might be your only recourse.

Things can get even tougher in certain states. For instance, in Indiana, the workers compensation board, not a judge and jury, will be responsible for assessing if you’re eligible for compensation and for how much. In this case, only a lawyer who’s familiar with workman’s comp Indiana cases will be able to help you. They’ll have a better understanding of how to navigate the system and will be able to build a strong case for you, which will allow you to get maximum compensation for your injury.

Your Employer is Trying to Coerce You Into Visiting their Own Doctor

In many cases, employers who know they’re in the wrong will try to take advantage of the naivete of their employees and get them to see their doctors. Of course, this is not in the best interests of the injured. Depending on where you live, you might have to see the doctor chosen by the insurance carrier to get a claim, and in others, you might be able to choose your own. An attorney could also recommend you to their own doctors who are used to dealing with these types of cases.

Your Employer is Trying to Downplay the Necessity for Treatment

A lot of employers will try to undermine your need for certain treatments, not because they’re challenging the severity of the injury, but because they want to avoid having to pay more on insurance premiums because of claims. But you shouldn’t fall to intimidation and allow your employer to cheat you on the treatment you need. You should never have to deal with lesser healthcare because of their negligence. This is why it’s important that you deal with an attorney who’s specialized with these types of claims and will fight tooth and nail for you.

Benefits are Ending

There is no time limit to your benefits. You should be compensated for your medical expenses and wages for the whole duration of your injury. You may even be eligible for disability in some cases.  If you can’t go back to work, then you should be getting compensated, plain and simple.

In all these cases, only a lawyer will be able to navigate through the murky waters of workers compensation law and fight for your case. It is your responsibility to fight for your rights as an employee, so make sure that you take every step to get the compensation you truly deserve.

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