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What to Know About Lime Scooter Accidents

The availability of electric scooters has seen a surge in the number of people using them as an alternative mode of transport. In fact, scooters, rentable bikes, rideshare vehicles, etc., have transformed the transport landscape across major cities in the US, especially San Diego, Santa Monica, San Francisco, and California. However, despite their uptake, they also come with their fair share of troubles.

Just recently, the electric scooter company Lime recalled a specific number of its automobiles following reports that they could break apart when used excessively. The news only came out weeks after the company had recalled some of its scooters after battery fires concerns. This is in a bid to correct the issue and avoid potential lawsuits that might ensue.

Lime scooter details

The company permits riders to unlock the bike for $1 and get around with it for 10 cents per mile. And since these scooters are electric, they are charged every night awaiting use the following day. Many love the scooters because of the freedom of picking it and leaving it at their destination. This is much convenient than taking a bus that leaves one at a designated location. But again, like any motor vehicle, scooters too can be involved in accidents. In addition to the fires and the breaking of the scooters, other accidents that can also happen include, but not limited to:

  • A scooter crashing into an individual
  • A passing car hitting you while on the scooter
  • A scooter rider hitting you while walking on the sidewalk
  • A scooter accident happening due to too narrow, rough or hazardous road
  • A scooter suddenly stopping to work while one is riding
  • A scooter ceasing to respond because of locked brakes

If you are involved in a scooter accident, irrespective of what the cause was, it is essential to seek out the help of an experienced Lime bike accident lawyers. Like any other accident and personal injury cases, Lime scooter accident lawsuits are complex. You will need to prove all the four elements of negligence before you are able to get compensation for any damages that arise from the accident. Without the right knowledge or guidance, you might have a tough time doing this, and end up not getting the compensation you were hoping for.

Your legal options

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to establish the four elements of negligence to be able to file a lawsuit. For instance, if a car driver hits you while you were riding your Lime scooter or a defective Lime scooter caused your injury, you may have a case. If you are involved in an accident while riding your Lime scooter or if a Lime scooter that’s being ridden by someone else harms you, and it’s not your fault that the accident happened, you can sue the responsible party. The responsible party can be anyone, including the Lime company, another driver, the state and so on. Your Lime scooter lawyer will guide you and inform you about your legal options.

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