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Injured From a Fall? The Truth About Slip and Fall Compensation

In the United States, over one million people sustain injuries after a slip and fall accident. Over 17,000 people lose their lives after these accidents.

Over the course of your lifetime, you’ve probably slipped and fallen countless times in your home, on public property, and maybe in private spaces. Most slip and fall accidents aren’t harmful. Many a time you’ll only need to get up and shake off the dust or even shame!

However, if this accident results in an injury, you might be entitled to compensation. Continue reading to learn more about slip and fall compensation amounts.

When Are You Entitled to Compensation After a Slip and Fall Injury?

It’s not always that you’ll be entitled to compensation after a slip and fall injury. A lot depends on if another party is liable for your accident.

For example, if you’re cleaning up your home and you slip on a wet floor and hurt your back, the only person to blame there is you. The only thing you can do is go to the hospital and pay for your medical expenses. However, if you’ve got a personal injury policy that covers slips and falls at home, you’re free to file a claim with them.

In most cases, slip and fall injury compensation comes about when the accident occurs at work, on business premises, or other places where someone has a legal duty to maintain their safety.

If you slip and fall at work, for example, you’re entitled to compensation from your employer. If you slip and fall when you’re out shopping in a mall, the owners of the mall are liable for your injuries. If you’re taking your child to school and slip and fall while in the facility, the school’s management is liable.

Knowing whether another party is liable after a slip and fall accident is usually the first thing to figure out before you move on to the compensation amount.

The Truth About Slip and Fall Injury Compensation Amounts

You’ve established that you’ve got a case. Somebody is liable, and they need to pay up. But how much are you owed?

There’s no fixed amount for slip and fall injury compensation amounts. There’s a standard formula, though: direct financial losses plus the cost of your pain and suffering.

Financial losses usually include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Travel to medical appointments
  • Lost income because of inability to work

Compensation for your pain and suffering is a bit complex to work out, but it largely depends on the severity of your injuries. This is where a slip and fall attorney can help you competently. Click here to learn more about slip and fall injuries, including their causes, common injuries, and how to sue those who are liable.

Slip and Fall Compensation Amounts Vary

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, and another party is liable, you’ve got a case against them. With this guide on slip and fall compensation amounts, you now know what to expect.

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