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Follow These Tips to Avoid Drink Driving

Not only is driving and drinking against the law but is a highly dangerous thing that you could do. And why not alcohol has the power of inhibiting your ability of thinking clearly that in turn can impact your ability negatively of paying attention and making safe driving choices. In fact, every single hour someone dies due to drunk driving accidents. This can be you or any of your dear ones. Relax, follow the below mentioned tips to keep away from drink driving and at all costs.

Tips to Follow

·       Buy alcohol while you are sober. Download the Uber/Ola app on your handset prior to the night of drinking. If you are not comfortable with these services, you can always go for a local taxi service and store their contact number in your contacts.

·       Choose a designated driver. You can appoint someone responsible and trustworthy in your group for being the DD or the designated driver. Take the help of volunteer system or use the straw pull for determining the driver so that all gets a chance of being the DD. In case no one takes the initiative do it yourself and show your responsibility. It is far better to miss drinking on a night rather than seeing a closed one die or get seriously injured.

·       All included in the group which also includes the designated driver must exchange their contact numbers should you get separated in a bar or party and to ensure all of you leave together.

·       Do not forget to charge your phone. Obviously, you do not wish in getting separated from the designated driver with no means of contacting them.

·       Stay the night if possible where you are in order to avoid drunk driving. For instance, if you are at a friend’s place for a get together try in sleeping there that night and if in a bar go to a nearby motel walking with friends to spend the night.

·       If in case, you face a situation where someone who plans to drive or be it you yourself get intoxicated you can contact a family member or a trusted friend to pick you up.

·       If the designated driver has a drink and/or you feel that a ride on Uber or Ola is pricey, take the help of public transportation such as a train or a city bus. This way you can reach home cheaply and safely. You can also take the help of the buddy system for staying safe and secure in the process.

Always try to play it safe. After all it is a case of life/death. You may be tempted in drinking and driving but if you consume alcohol always drink it responsibly. Prevention is always better than cure and this phrase very well fits here. Being a little responsible and a little cautious can save your life. So next time you plan to drive a car while you are intoxicated think of the consequences and be alert. So good luck and safe driving.


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