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3 Unspoken Motorcycle Rules of the Road

What are the motorcycle rules of the road?

Whether you’re brand new to riding, or just getting used to sharing the road with those who do, this is your article! We’ll walk you through three absolutely essential life-saving tips that you won’t want to forget.

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  1. Respect

Besides following the basic DMV motorcycle rules, and your state’s motorcycle laws, it’s also essential that both drivers and motorcycle riders show mutual respect on the road. This includes basics like yielding the right of way, never passing without warning, and leaving plenty of space in between vehicles.

You should also make contact in a friendly manner with other drivers whenever possible. Eye contact or a small wave can go a long way when it comes to accident prevention!

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell who’s in the right when it comes to respecting the rules of the road. When in doubt, larger vehicles should be given the right of way, and practices like lane sharing should be kept to a minimum, especially in traffic or challenging road conditions.

  1. Use Your Senses

Don’t assume that the other vehicles around you will stick to basic safety, especially when it comes to things like motorcycle overtaking rules. Instead, rely on your senses to keep yourself and others safe.

You should always look and listen at traffic, and avoid making sudden changes to your driving until you know the coast is clear. This tip is especially important to keep in mind when merging, switching lanes, or entering an intersection.

Both motorcyclists and drivers can also take precautionary measures to make sure others see them. Flashing your headlights or honking your horn can make your presence more obvious – especially if you’re experiencing tough weather conditions.

  1. Patience, Fatigue, and Impairment

This is one of our motorcycle rules that applies to every driver and rider on the road – never drive tired, intoxicated, or irritated!

Not only is this the law in every state, it’s the most important thing you can do to keep yourself and others safe. This rule applies to drowsy drivers, anyone who’s been staring at the road, frustrated or anxious drivers, and anyone else who’s struggling to keep a level head behind the steering wheel.

Not sure if you’re in a safe condition for driving? Just pull over and take a break! You’re better safe than sorry on this one – and there’s nothing wrong with taking a short nap or rest before continuing the journey.

Follow These Motorcycle Rules of the Road

Simply knowing the motorcycle rules of the road isn’t enough. You also have to keep them in mind while your riding or driving. Check in with yourself frequently – are you sticking to these standards?

Remember, these tips aren’t just about safety – they’re intended to help keep you out of legal trouble, too.

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