Why Every Business Needs a Corporate Law Firm

Whether your business is big or small, you have plenty on your plate day-to-day. You may think you have everything covered, but companies are always exposed to legal scrutiny, especially early in their lives. Corporate law firms use their expertise to help businesses every day with issues big and small. If you’re looking into corporate law firms in St Louis, Missouri, here are some services you can expect.

Emerging business services

As a startup, you’re faced with many legal choices, like your choice of entity (LLC, Inc., C-Corp, etc.), debt and equity structures, compensation plans, employment and vendor contracts, and securities compliance. These all must be handled with care and knowledge. Even if you know a great deal about one or two of these items, chances are that you aren’t familiar with all of them. Not only will the partners of a corporate law firm be familiar, but they will also be experienced enough to advise you about the right choice for your company.

Taxation Advice

Every business is faced with complex tax work, and compliance is not optional. Whether it’s a “simple” tax transaction like planning for federal and state taxes, or something much more complicated like a real estate transaction or a termination, corporate law firms in St Louis Missouri can help.

Employment Law

Even if you have an H.R. manager, workforce issues almost always arise, and a business needs to be prepared to show that your company complies with local, state, and federal employment laws and hiring practices, carries appropriate insurance, and works in accordance with OSHA guidelines. Without a corporate law firm, you may be failing to comply with an employment law that you don’t even know exists!


No-one ever wants to think about facing a lawsuit, but the only thing worse than being sued is being sued and unprepared. Whether a suit is filed by a former employee, vendor, or competing business, you need legal representation that knows how and when to respond and can advise you what to do (and not do.) In many cases, having an experienced corporate law firm on your side can cut off litigation as soon as it starts, or even prevent it entirely.

Owning and running a business is difficult enough without trying to be your own lawyer. Corporate law firms in St Louis Missouri can take away many of the headaches and hassles of paperwork, compliance, and litigation. Your company truly can’t afford to go without legal representation!

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