What are the Most Common Falsehoods Regarding Immigrants?

According to the immigration attorneys at Graham Adair, many people have a perception of what immigrants are that is based mainly around falsehoods peddled by those with their own beliefs and agendas. These false beliefs often lead to discrimination and, in some cases, hate crimes, against people from other countries. So, what are the most common myths we hear about immigrants?

They Will Take American Jobs

According to Forbes, the common narrative is that foreign workers take jobs from Americans, or they saturate the workforce, driving wages down for locals. As you might imagine, this kind of rhetoric causes people to be fearful of immigrants coming to the States, but the reality is actually quite different. Many immigrants are entrepreneurs who go on to form new businesses and then create more jobs rather than take them. Furthermore, many of the jobs that immigrants take are low-skilled, low-paid jobs that U.S. workers do not want.

They Do Not Want to Learn to Speak English

Another common misconception is that foreigners have no interest in learning how to speak the language, which again is completely false. Immigrants will almost certainly speak their first language at home, but they will make an effort to learn how to speak the language in order to communicate effectively with locals and officials. Moreover, their children are likely to learn how to speak English fluently in school. At any rate, reading, writing, and speaking English are all a requirement for those wishing to become naturalized at a later date.

They Can Easily Enter Legally So Do Not Need to Sneak In

Entering the United States from another country is a complicated process. Applying for a green card is not easy and there are many different rules and procedures in place. The process can take a long time too, and any mistakes on the original documentation can cause further delays.

They are a Drain on the Economy

Many U.S. citizens believe that immigrants are draining the economy and placing a burden on the healthcare system. Some even believe that immigrants do not pay taxes and are simply claiming benefits. However, as well as paying their taxes, many will contribute to federal healthcare providers such as Medicare. In fact, immigrants contribute far more to the economy than they collect in benefits.

They Increase the Rate of Crime

Most people arriving in the United States from other countries are coming for a better life. They want to work or be with other family members; they are not arriving with the intention of committing crimes that could see their liberty being taken away. And according to a Yale, Reflections article, Harvard sociologist Robert Sampson found that first-generation immigrants are 45% less likely to commit violent crimes than Americanized third-generation immigrants.

They Will Undermine Our Cultures and Beliefs

It is worth remembering here that American culture is based on those from many different countries around the world. What we call Americans now were once British, Irish, Polish, Russian, and German, to name but a few. To that end, immigration was and is an integral part of American culture.


The many falsehoods around immigration can lead to confusion and unrest. Foreign people coming to the U.S. often face discrimination from individuals who have been told lies about who these people are and what they stand for.

Contrary to popular belief, immigrants do not drain the U.S. economy or take American jobs. They do not place an unnecessary burden on the healthcare system, and they do not increase crime rates. Immigrants are contributing members of society and add to American culture.

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