Staying safe in online conveyancing

There are a growing number of conveyancing businesses which now offer entirely online based conveyancing services, where remote communications are maintained with a conveyancer who could be located in an entirely different region. Details can be communicated via email, phone or online business portals. This offers enormous advantages in terms of cost, speed and efficiency.

However, since conveyancing will invariably involve personal and financial details, it is essential that you select the right firm.

Avoiding phishing

It is clearly important that your financial and personal details are managed securely at all times. One growing phenomenon in cyber crime which consumers are becoming increasingly aware of is phishing.

Phishing is a type of online fraud where hackers will pose as a legitimate organisation, often a household name, in order to steal sensitive data including passwords or financial information.

A phishing attack takes advantage of social engineering, and relies on human emotions, relationships and behaviour to scam people, and is harder to prevent than a technical attack. First occurring in the 1990s, phishing can be carried out across different platforms such as telephone, email, websites and even in person.

Some attacks will intend for you to download malware, with more than 90 per cent of ransomware cyber attacks launched from phishing emails in 2016. In this scenario, content is typically edited to the target’s interests, and requests that they follow links, rather than send files. These links redirect to a cloned website via phishing kits.

Use a Reputable Online Conveyancer

When choosing a firm which specialises in online conveyancing, ensure that you ask them to explain which security measures they use to protect your data from exploitation.

Maintain General Awareness

It is important to protect yourself, as these attacks prey on your emotions. However, if you accept that these attacks occur, you can train yourself to always question any messages you receive by text, email, phone and in person. In order to protect yourself online, ensure your information is always up to date, which ensures you are prepared for changes which can occur in an attack.

Phishing attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and contain convincing messages, involving branding of well-known organisations and individuals.

However, provided that you remain aware as to the risks, reputable conveyancing firms based online can provide a safe, valuable and convenient service.

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