Questions for an Accident Attorney Consultation

Whether you’ve been injured in an accident in a personal or professional setting, you may need to retain an injury attorney to help you reach and receive the proper settlement. Once you’ve found a few candidates through company websites or referrals from family and friends, conduct interviews to find the one that suits your personality and your case.


When you’re searching for a Palmetto accident attorney to represent you, finding one with a track record dealing with cases similar to yours can give you an edge in negotiations or court. If you’re hoping for a representation on a medical negligence claim, for instance, you don’t want to hire someone who has only dealt with workers compensation cases. Ask about the lawyer’s field of expertise, amount of trial experience and the typical results he has with incidents like yours.


Even if your attorney will work on contingency, only receiving compensation if you win your case, it’s important to ask how much he will receive. You should also determine if you’ll be charged for any costs related to your proceedings other than the percentage of your settlement – some may still charge for out-of-pocket costs regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit.

Possible Results

Ask an attorney experienced in similar cases how much a settlement might be if you were to win your lawsuit. Reputable lawyers should discuss different issues that can affect the amount you receive, such as how many parties are liable, if you were responsible in any way or if you already had a medical condition that contributed to your current state of affairs, for example.


Determine whether the attorney you’re speaking with will be the only person handling your case. In some larger firms, you may have a consultation with one of the senior members, while your suit will actually be handled by junior attorneys or other staff members. Be sure you have confidence in the entire team if this is the case.


Verify that the candidate has never been disciplined by an ethics committee, the bar association or his law firm. You might also consider asking if the attorney will allow you to contact a former client to discuss his professionalism and personality. A reputable lawyer should be able to give you an assortment of references that you can call.

Because an attorney represents you, the result of your case will often rest on his shoulders. Ensure you hire someone that will give you the best chance at victory and is worthy of your business and trust.

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