How Malta companies registration is a lucrative Option 

Did you know that setting a business in Malta has a range of benefits to offer? Entrepreneurs and business owners from Europe find Malta companies registration a lucrative option for their business and a luxurious life with their family on the island.

Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of opening a company and registering your business in Malta.

Tax Benefits

Tax benefits for Maltese companies are one of the most vital aspects a business owner can look for. The country has a full-imputation corporate taxation system, which makes the income tax paid by a Maltese company fully credited to the shareholder.

It is usually obtainable when the shareholders receive dividends from the company and enjoy the corporate profit that comes from the full relief of double taxation. Malta has a taxation rate of 35% of the income. The shareholders of the company, however, can receive a refund of the paid tax, depending on the source of the income.

Low Costs of Setting up & Maintenance of the Company 

Anyone can set up a company in Malta with 20 percent of the minimum share capital of €1,165. It means you would have to deposit only €245 to incorporate a company in Malta and pay a minimum registry fee of Euro 240. Other costs include €100 of the annual payment and a small price to incorporate the company in a reputable jurisdiction.

Duty Exemption on Documents 

You do not have to pay any duty on documents if your registered company in Malta carries out international activities. Therefore, you can effectively transfer your company’s shares and increase the share capital without having to pay any additional costs.

Double Taxation Treaties 

Malta shares double taxation treaties with seventy countries, which allows you to do business with any of the nations included in the pact. Likewise, you can also enjoy capital gains tax on the transfer of share capital if the assets do not belong to any Maltese property.

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