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Family Law Attorneys in Grand Haven, Holland, & Muskegon, Michigan

Under the family law includes the nature and issues arising from a marriage. The area of family law includes divorce, custody, parenting time, child support, spousal support, paternity, guardianship, step-parent adoption, and child protective proceedings. Family law attorneys in Grand Haven, Holland, & Muskegon, Michigan of Van Tubergen, Treutler, & Hayes, PLLC offers full services and legal counsel if your family is in disarray. Fighting with so much might while understanding the emotional devastation our client is experiencing is what we are. Recognizing and paying attention to the cost or benefit of litigating an issue is important because we believe that this will assist our clients in keeping costs down. Common Law Marriage Prior to 1957, Common Law marriage was recognized in Michigan. A Common Law marriage occurred when a male and female entered an agreement to be husband and wife without entering into a civil marriage nor religious marriage but then began to live together thereafter. However, on January 1, 1957 Common-Law marriage was outlawed in Michigan. As a result, Michigan no longer recognizes a Common-Law marriage that began after January 1, 1957. If you are considering divorce, our divorce attorneys and lawyers in Grand Haven, Holland, & Muskegon, Michigan are experienced and know every little details with the family law and the divorce proceedings. Divorce is done in order to dissolve marriage between a legally married couple. Michigan is a no-fault state for divorce which means any of the party, either the husband or the wife, can file for a divorce without indicating fault in their marriage. The divorce proceeding includes the judge’s decision on each party’s property rights. If the couple has children, the judge will also determine the custodial and visitation rights of each parent. The Divorce Process in Michigan First. To file for a divorce case, the law requires that the individual must have been a resident in the state for 180 continuous days.

Second. Filing for summons and complaint for divorce. Third. Complaint is served to the other party Fourth. There is a waiting period of 60 days before a Judgement of Divorce is entered when there is no minor children involved. If otherwise, 180 days or 6 months is needed before entering a Judgement of Divorce. Final step. Preparing for a Judgment of Divorce and have it entered with the court. Divorce is final as soon as it was signed by the Judge. The Judgment of Divorce Judgment of divorce is a formal written document stating that a husband and a wife is divorced. It is written by a lawyer which contained terms and provisions reached through mutual agreement of both parties, mediation, or a trial before a Judge. These provisions may include, but not limited to; Custody Visitation Child support Real and personal property division Marital debt division Spousal support or alimony For swift resolve of your family law issue, contact us today at 616-844-3000 for a free initial consultation. Experienced counselling and advice is what our Divorce Lawyers and Family Law Attorneys in Grand Haven, Holland, & Muskegon, Michigan can offer. Our firm is also an expert in following areas; Bankruptcy Criminal Defense Elder Law Estate Planning Wills, Trusts, and Probate Litigation Personal Injury Landlord and Tenants Outdoor Televisions Small Business Contract Drafting and Negotiation

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