Denver DUI Attorneys and the Top DUI Mistakes You Need to AvoidLaw  

Denver DUI Attorneys and the Top DUI Mistakes You Need to Avoid

What are some of the biggest mistakes you can make while facing a DUI charge in Denver? Well, most people recommend that you should hire top Denver DUI attorneys. Just what are the benefits of hiring DUI attorneys in Denver? Read on to know what the fatal mistakes a DUI charge can cause you to commit and how you can avoid these as well. #1 Regarding the Final Verdict If you have an attorney who looks into the case facts including Blood Alcohol Content/BAC reading and the breath analyzer test and suggests you should plead guilty, it’s time to refuse legal aid from him or her. DUI attorneys from Denver have specific training, knowledge, and skills to defend your case effectively. You also need to analyze the qualifications and training of the lawyer and check what experiences and successful DUI cases he or she has had. A DUI conviction can have numerous consequences apart from associated criminal sanctions. Hire knowledgeable and skilled Denver DUI attorneys, if you want to get the justice you seek. #2 Stipulating to Tests Another common mistake that Denver DUI attorneys with the right experience will not make is to stipulate the BAC is perfectly accurate. No attorney should attempt this. When the government offers a BAC reading as evidence, it must prove the accuracy and precision of the test results. The government should also be able to demonstrate that the specimen was collected in a way that is proper and that no irregularities were observed. Attorneys who plan to stipulate to a BAC reading make it easier for the public prosecutor to score a conviction. #3 About the Crime Scene Investigations Check with the attorney if they are familiar with the area of the accident and whether they will send across a PI to investigate. Examining the crime scene creates the knowledge needed to confidently query the arresting officer. For example, if the road you were driving on has a massive pothole and you swerved to avoid it, then it is a wrong DUI charge and a case where the court should be made alert about the same. Photographs and expert opinions can even demonstrate the points to the judge and jury, avoiding a wrongful conviction. #4 Failure to File a Pre-Trial Motion A pre-trial motion should be filed and argued for every case, even if there is no preliminary hearing. The purpose of this is to create additional testimony that could even help your case at a later date, or better still, lead to an early dismissal of the charge. Conclusion Skilled DUI attorneys from Denver can waive off charges. Top Denver DUI attorneys can make a massive difference to the outcome of the case. Don’t lose out on justice and gain a wrongful conviction. Hire a top law firm today and watch your legal worries vanish into thin air.

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