Do Corporate Human Resources Issues Affect Corporate Performances?Criminal Law 

Do Corporate Human Resources Issues Affect Corporate Performances?

A survey states that the companies across the globe are struggling with the problems of aged workforce and unfaithful, insincere employees. Problems pertaining to training, hiring and keeping the employees have become excessive. Demand for a talented employee has increased due to globalization. Companies have the policies where an employee needs to spend more time for routine works in the company. But, an employee demands the balance between the work s and rest of the live. This trend is adopted all over the globe and companies are bound to prudence the welfare of the employees. Companies are struggling to identify, analyze and induct the programs & activities which are aimed to enhance the level of performance and engagement. In this regards, companies are monitoring the human resource activities to identify and resolve the problems coming before the management. The efficient management of the employees is helpful in improving the corporate performance which is an essential factor in the development and growth of a business. What are corporate human resources issues? The corporate human resource is responsible to manage the functions and problems of human resource. The major issues of the human resources includes the HR management policies, procedures, budgeting and strategic planning .It also deals the issues of employees compensations and benefits like payroll, job analysis, evaluation and grading. In addition, this department deals with the problem of labor relations like discipline, absenteeism, discrimination, harassment, conflict resolutions and legal issues like firing, legislation, worker compensation. Staffing and HRIS problems like employment contracts, selection, recruitment, retention, employee portal, product/vendor selection and implementation of the HR systems are also the key problems of the human resource department. Problem area of the human resource is training programs like orientation, evaluation and assessment of the employees. There are the ethical issues of the health and safety, restructuring of employees responsibilities. Issues related to the salaries, executive perquisites and annual incentive plans put more pressure on the management to handle tactfully. The other issue which HR departments have before them is the issues related to race, gender, origin and disability. This department has to be competent in aligning the discriminatory practices. Bigger dilemmas with this department are in hiring the employees where the hiring processes have the pressures from the seniors, relatives, and friends and secondly the fear of the fake documents put them in critical position. This is clear from the facts that this department has lot many issues which put them under pressure to manage and maintain the activities. How corporate human resource issue affects corporate performance? Most of the studies and surveys reveal that there is direct and positive relationship between human resource practice and corporate performance. Traditional activities of the HR like compensation, recruitment and management performance are needed in the small or emerging organizations to sustain better performances. The role of HR activities is not limited to large firms but the smaller firms need to understand the importance of the processes of hiring, rewarding and motivating the employees which leads to the vibrant growth of the corporate. Besides, the training programs, promotions, incentive plans, management changes and potential labor or legal relations are necessary to maintain the performance of the employees. The HR decisions have the powerful impact on the functions and management of the employees of a corporate which have the efficient and impeccable effects on the performance of the corporate. Conclusion The contribution of human resource management to achieve the corporate performance in the challenging and competitive environment is increasing and has been providing the direct impact on the efficiency and growth of the business corporate.

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