Criminal Law 

Different Types Of Criminal Offenses

Countless types of crimes exist. However, when strictly talking about criminal acts, they are divided into some main categories. This is what we will talk about in the following paragraphs. Remember that when you need help as you are charged with a criminal offense, you have to contact specialists like:

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Crimes Against The Person

These are the crimes that lead to mental or physical harm. You can divide them into 2 categories:

  • Homicide forms
  • Other violent crimes

In the event that death is caused by your actions, as a defendant, you can be charged with homicide. Several types of homicide exist, like voluntary manslaughter, vehicular homicide, or first-degree murder. The very violent crimes will lead to severe punishments. These are crimes like child abuse, arson, kidnapping, assault and battery, and domestic abuse.

Crimes Against The Property

This usually involves interfering with someone else’s property. The crime can involve mental or physical harm but the main result is often a deprivation of enjoyment or use for the property. Most of the property crimes are burglary, theft crimes, auto theft, shoplifting, and robbery.

Inchoate Crimes

These are crimes most people do not know much about but they are basically crimes that started and were not completed, together with acts that assisted in the commission of some other crime. Usually, the case is much more complex than just intending to commit the crime. Basically, the individual accused needs to have taken a very substantial step leading towards crime completion. This is the only way to end up found guilty.

Some examples of inchoate crimes are conspiracy, attempt, and aiding and abetting.

Statutory Crimes

These include crimes proscribed by statute, besides crimes we talked about above. The main types are drug crimes, alcohol related crimes, white collar crimes, and traffic offenses. Such crimes are prohibited due to statute since society tries to deter the individuals from actually being engaged in them.

The problem with statutory crimes is that they get complicated really fast. This is due to overlapping with crimes like public intoxication, boating DUI, open container violations, and not performing field sobriety tests.

With drug crimes, we are talking about literally anything connected to distribution or creation of drugs, like drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, and drug possession. A part of criminal law currently being very attentively scrutinized is the prosecution and regulation of the drug crimes that are related to the use of medical marijuana. As US states do work to legalize marijuana, the criminal law area is now in flux.

Financial Crimes And Other Crimes

The last type of crime we should discuss is financial crime. They usually involve fraud or deception with the purpose of gaining some sort of financial benefit. White collar crimes are often associated with corporate officers but literally, anyone can end up being charged of the white collar crime. Examples of financial crimes that are very common right now are money laundering, embezzlement, blackmail, tax evasion, cybercrime, and fraud. For all of these, you would need the help of a specialized attorney to help you in court.


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