Dealing With Delayed Symptoms With Columbus Ohio Auto Accident AttorneysCriminal Law 

Dealing With Delayed Symptoms With Columbus Ohio Auto Accident Attorneys

Auto accidents especially car accident injuries are more common than what people acknowledge. Many-a-times the vehicles or property may not show any major damage, but beware your body cannot be compared with a machine or vehicle. Many accident cases and claims go unaccounted for due to this ignorance. In 2011, Ohio witnessed 292,163 total crashes1 that claimed over a thousand lives, out of which more than 17000 crashes were in Columbus itself! Imagine the number of actual injuries caused since many must have gone undetected. What are delayed symptoms? Everyone knows about whiplash injuries. But, a good Columbus Ohio car accident lawyer will probe your medical reports for similar injuries whose symptoms may set in much later. Soft tissue injuries are more painful than broken bones as they heal slowly and at times never fully. In and around the accident day, the tissues and muscles don’t indicate any injury. But, a small amount of stress is enough to slowly build up inflammation then causing some chemicals to release that may intensify the pain further. Chronic headaches, neck pain, joint pain, stiffness, soreness, numbness of limbs, etc. are common problems suffered. How are delayed symptoms missed? Since the car is alright and nothing hurts, it wasn’t really an accident. Hence, you rule out the possibility of any serious bodily injuries. Even if you don’t, the insurance company will try and understate the intensity of your injuries and settle quickly with a meager award. The unfortunate part is when some family or ER doctors also pass these common pains as a trivial matter. It isn’t so trivial if it goes on for a lifetime.

What legal challenges do delayed symptoms present? The first challenge is if you bring up these issues within the statute of limitations prescribed by your state for which a basic free consultation with a Columbus Ohio auto accident attorney might prove very helpful. Nothing can be done if the time period has passed. Moreover, some aspects of the injury cannot be compensated in full value as would have been possible if the symptoms would have shown up immediately, such as lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress and other accidents caused due to the abnormalities, etc. What can a competent attorney do? To prove the delayed symptoms owe their origin to the accident involving the other party, from whom compensation is being claimed, is a difficult task although not impossible. A good deal of research into the injured party’s medical history will be needed to correctly connect the dots and pain experienced because of the accident. Moreover, the attorney will bring in expert chiropractors and specialists to testify. A good defense will already be in place to refute any other reason for the symptoms in the time period passed in between. Remember that delayed symptoms may be indicative of a fatalistic injury concealed in time. Get the right diagnosis and a Columbus Ohio car accident lawyer if suspicious.

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