My Incredibly Strange, Comically Unfunny Dad Died And I Inherited An Epically Weird House

It’s been a difficult year for Charles Smith – his dad died last year, and now he’s inherited an oddly-shaped house in the middle of nowhere. But Charles is determined to make the most of his new property, and he starts by fixing up the house himself. It’s fun, at first…but then things start to get a little weird. My Dad was an odd man My dad was an odd man. He was always clowning around and making us laugh, but he also had a dark side that I never…

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Legal Advice 

What is a defective road condition?

A defective road condition is an unsafe condition that can create a hazard for drivers. Road conditions can vary significantly from area to area, making it difficult to determine which areas are in need of improvement. In order to determine whether a road is defective, there are a few factors that should be considered. The surface of the road – If the surface of the road is in poor condition, this can lead to numerous issues such as slippery surfaces, cracks, or bumps. Driving on these types of roads can…

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